What a rain check in dating

He was mad with Forth about Forth who can't stop meddling in your business or he asked Forth to forget about his feeling towards Yo...

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~published on June 19, 2019~ * They are talking about random things like the old time, from the fights that Forth always get himself into and to the change of orientation Phana and Kit are into right now. He is not showing any sign of weakness listening about Phana and Wayo. Whatever, with this he won't be his problem anymore and none of Phana or Wayo would show those eyes that demand Beam to check on Forth. Meanwhile the fucker beside him is drinking to his content. "Don't make trouble." Beam says to Forth beside him. They will drunk themself too if the person they are dating constantly eyeing all the hot girls in the bar. Beam pushes Forth's body so he drops on his back to the couch.

She texted me a week later saying she hasnt seen me in a while ... Confusion would be a woman texting you saying, "I cannot wait to see you. Let's talk tomorrow to firm up plans." And then you call the next day ...

She didn't come chasing and there is nothing to be confused about. Nothing to be confused by--and she's got a boyfriend. You've got this all backwards and she knows exactly how to play you.

"I believe you can take care of his bike like Park said?

Not long after three of them already reach Forth's dorm where he lives in the second floor and Lam in the first floor.

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