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Holding on to the grudges that one's past left isn't a wise thing to do.Be it, love, relationships or life, moving on is a must!We had already taken screenshots of his tweets, posted it on here, and you all let him have it, as he so well deserved.Here is what a few of y’all said about Soulja Boy’s words: After getting feedback on social media and catching wind of Soulja’s disses, Teddy didn’t hold nothing back. I can’t do what I used to do when she was young and put her on punishment or say, “You can’t go outside” or “I’m taking your phone.” She’s got her own phone and she’s got her own life and all I can do is say, I’m not going to watch. Her dad Edward Theodore Riley (Teddy Riley) is an American singer-songwriter, musician, keyboardist and record producer. Her Boyfriend Soulja Boy is an American rapper, record producer, actor and entrepreneur. Nia Riley boyfriends / dating was with Al Horford, Soulja Boy(2006 - 2016), Lil Fizz.Blackstreet was an American R&B group founded in 1994 by Teddy Riley, a New Jack Swing pioneer known for his work as a member of Guy.The band members were: Teddy Riley, Chauncey Hannibal, Eric Williams, and Terrell Philips (and formerly Joe Stonestreet, Levi Little, David Hollister, and Mark Middleton). Let's chill was inspired by Teddy Riley's then girlfriend and mother of his 3 daughters Donna Roberts,whose name was immortalize in the song Spend the night,from GUY's first album.. Teddy Riley has been noted down to be T-Pain's father due to the fact that he uses a talkbox (vocal effect which makes your voice sound almost robotic) and that T-Pain uses Auto Tune (vocal effect that changes the pitch of the singer to make it sound like they hit all the nots).

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Back to the story, well Taja claims her father punched and kicked her and her older sister before kicking them out.

Teddy Riley, Bernard Bell and Keith Sweat wrote Let's chill with the hook sung by the late Tony Thompson, lead singer of High Five, and lead vocals by Aaron Hall.

Her Siblings are Bobbie Riley, Samar Riley, Dante Horne, Dejanee Riley, Taja Riley, Lil Teddy Riley, TJ Riley.

He said a lot of uncalled for things, such as calling Nia a “bit*h” and his more recent diss was when he posted “F*ck Teddy Riley!

”…then he quickly tried to snatch his Twitter post down, but it was too late.

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