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The 6th letter dated October 17, 2002 talks about a "test", basically asking me for money.

After several very short letters from her later I blindly send approximately 0 via Western Union, (which she suggested).

She provided me with the airline and flight number and time of here arrival. This person could possibly be in Moscow as she said she was flying to Moscow first, then to the USA. I am reporting this same information to the following agencies and requesting a response. Miller Arlington, Texas [email protected] wish I had known about your anti-scam guide book and Internet site before I contacted Elena Kirienko.

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As much as that is, it is the heart that hurts the most. In Moscow, she claims to have a travel agent and the ability to obtain a tourist Visa to USA.

The flight numbers and times really exist, so she does her homework. We often see of each other, and I do not feel yourself by the unfortunate and deprived child.

The night before you are to meet, you get a panicked email from her, supposedly from an Internet caf in Moscow. But I would not want to repeat destiny of my parents.

Elena is very good at playing her role, saying exactly what a lonely middle-aged man wants to hear.

At the time of the trip, she tells you what flight and what airline she is using. Unfortunately my parents are divorced 11 years, but till now they have saved the friendly and very warm relations.

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