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We hear that David Boreanaz is quite the prankster.

But my latest craze: Regina Spektor, I think she’s great!

That’s a crawl-into-bed-with-the-woman-you-love-and-make-her-feel-as-wonderful-as-she-is kind of song. And Michaela [Conlin], she’s easily the gorgeous princess mermaid sitting softly on the castle wall.

Now that his flirtation with Angela, co-worker and resident reconstruction artist, has come to fruition, we’re bound to see a whole new layer of Hodgins.

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Jack Hodgins on , TJ breaks the nerdy scientist stereotype and has become a fan favorite by making science a little bit sexy.

He matures past being angry into being vulnerable at times.

In one episode last season, when Angela first finds out how obscenely rich Jack is, she asks Zack what it’s like being Jack’s roommate.

Jack asking her out, she says no, then comes back and says yes, then the swing set, and the kiss…

While you’re not a conspiracy theorist like Hodgins, is there anything in particular that you’re suspicious of – like how the holes get in swiss cheese, or why bad things always happen in threes?

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